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North West pet lovers welcome 1.7m RSPCA centre

Tuesday May 16th 2017

Pet lovers in the North West of England have seen inside a brand-new RSPCA centre for the first time.

According to the Oldham Evening Chronicle, the new centre in Strinesdale opened its doors for the first time at the weekend.

The £1.7 million facility will now work with local communities to improve education about treating animals. Nearby school classes will also be invited to learn more about animals.

Shadab Qumer, the deputy mayor of Oldham, said the centre will help to deliver an important message to people, commenting: " Pets are for life and not just certain times like Christmas ... they are family members."

And volunteer Wayne Clegg told the newspaper that the centre will have an important role to play, educating young people in particular about the need to treat pets well.

Officials at the centre are still welcoming donations, in order to cover the costs of its finishing touches.

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