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Newspaper readers help to save moggy's life

Monday November 30th 2015

Newspaper readers have clubbed together to help prevent a cat from being put down. Journalists from the Nottingham Post put out an appeal to help the stray cat, who is believed to have arrived in the UK from Poland aged four.

It took readers less than a couple of hours on Wednesday November 25 to raise the £350 needed for quarantine fees. The newspaper's 11th-hour appeal for the black feline's owners to make themselves known drew a blank. But its special donation page saw 64 contributors raise over £800 between them, with the largest donation coming in at £175.

The cat's microchip suggests it is of Polish origin. It has been at a vets near Nottingham over the last three weeks, having been spotted in the Beeston suburb.

When the cat's spell in quarantine ends, it is hoped it will be found a new family. The story has gone worldwide with cat lovers in the US and Austria offering to take it in.

Trading standards had originally thought the cat posed a danger to the public. This is because officials could not ascertain whether it had been unlawfully brought into Britain.

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