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New roles for jobless NOTW staff

Thursday July 14th 2011

Many News of the World employees who were made redundant following the Sunday paper's closure last week are likely to be provided with new positions elsewhere, according to News International (NI).

While Income Protection may help people to cope financially if they have suffered from job losses, it seems the "vast majority" of the publication's staff members will gain alternative roles in the weeks to come.

Editorial jobs have already been found for 30 former News of the World workers, with Fabulous, the paper's glossy magazine, also set to continue.

In a statement, NI said: "Starting next week, NI human resource managers will meet with each of the affected News of the World staff with a view to placing them in jobs."

The organisation added that it is proud to be a major employer of "highly skilled journalists" which operates on a global scale.

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