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New phobia terrorises the nation

Tuesday August 27th 2013

We've all heard of arachnophobia and claustrophobia, but now a new fear is gripping the nation - nomophobia.

More than half of us are said to have the fear of being without our mobile phone, and women are far more likely to suffer from it, according to a new study.

The population is now so addicted to gadgets that one fifth of mobile phone owners check their emails in bed and 42% take their devices to the beach while on holiday.

A total of 54% of people admit to worrying about being "out of mobile phone contact", with women 17% more likely to suffer from "nomophobia" than men, the survey commissioned by web security firm AppRiver found.

The study of 1,000 workers also revealed that 28% check their work emails while away from home, but only 50% secure their devices with a password.

Fred Touchette, senior security analyst at AppRiver, said: "It's pretty clear that we're a society totally reliant on our phones not only for personal use but business use too. What worries me is that, with so much information stored on them - confidential office documents, contact details, emails, photos and bank log-ins - when these devices get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands, the information is so easily exploited."

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