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New pet idea is out of this world

Monday August 18th 2014

Pets owners will soon be able to have the cremated remains of their beloved animals sent into space, an American company is announcing.

Texas firm Celestis has already organised several memorial space flights, one of them being for the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry.

It has now set up a division called Celestis Pets offering several unique space offers, including the 'Earth Rise' package. For $995 people can have a small amount of a pet's ashes sent into space and returned to earth.

For $5,000 owners can buy the 'Earth Orbit' deal which send their pet's remains into space before they are vaporized as they re-enter the atmosphere. Celestis describes it as a tribute similar to a "shooting star".

Those who want their pets to 'explore' space can select the $12,000 'Voyager' option, which sends their remains as far into the cosmos as possible.

There is also an option to send pet ashes to the moon for $12,500 when this is possible. Anyone who loves pets enough to spend these amounts of money should have no problem affording Pet Insurance.

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