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New pack set to aid puppy buyers

Friday April 13th 2012

A new information pack has been released that will help dog lovers find the right puppy for them.

The Puppy Contract and Puppy Information Pack (PIP), launched by the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation and the RSPCA, will provide potential buyers with all they need to know, allowing them to pick a fit, healthy and happy canine.

James Yeates, head of the RSPCA's companion animals department, said: "The RSPCA receives a large number of calls from heartbroken owners each year. Often they have been forced to spend hundreds of pounds on veterinary bills for their dogs that have been ill from the moment they get their pet home."

It is hoped the PIP will help to change all this. Its creation came about after figures revealed that 69% of people currently looking for a dog thought such a guide would prove very valuable.

Tiffany Hemming, BVA Animal Welfare Foundation chair of trustees, believes some new puppies suffer from health and behaviour problems due to bad breeding.

The contract and information pack gives breeders the chance to exhibit the care they have given to their puppies' breeding and upbringing. It can be downloaded at

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