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New improved passports for pets

Tuesday December 30th 2014

A new, more detailed pet passport has been introduced as part of an improved EU pet travel scheme.

The changes are designed to improve the security of the scheme and traceability of the passport itself, while clamping down on abuse of the system.

The new passports include laminated strips and more contact details provided by the animal's vet; who issues the document and certifies any veterinary treatments.

In addition to the new passports, other measures are being brought in; including the need for all travelling pets to have a microchip confirming the animal's identity.

Animals must also now be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated against rabies for travel, and must also be checked at the borders of all EU member states.

The system, designed for non-commercial use, has in the past been used to move animals for financial gain, something which the new measures are designed to crack down on.

For this reason owners must now either travel with their pet, or within five days of its journey.

Existing passports will remain valid for the lifetime of the pet or until all treatment spaces have been filled.

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