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New home for sunburnt cancer cat Halo

Tuesday January 5th 2016

When stray cat Halo was taken in by Cats Protection's Belfast Adoption Centre, vets found an over-exposure to the sun had left her with life-threatening cancer.

But they amputated the tips of Halo's ears to prevent the cancer spreading and she is now starting 2016 in a brand-new home after being adopted.

The centre says that while Halo's story has ended happily, it highlights the importance of ensuring that white cats - or those with unpigmented white ears or noses - are protected from their higher risk of sunburn by keeping them indoors during hot, sunny weather.

Halo was taken to the centre after being found at Dunmurry in south Belfast. She had sore, badly inflamed ears, was malnourished and having difficulty walking.

Now, after being nursed back to health and having spent three months waiting for a new home, Halo has been adopted.

The centre has dozens of other cats on its adoption waiting list.

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