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New dog safety workshops launched

Wednesday September 24th 2014

Parents concerned about the safety of their children when they are around dogs are invited to attend a new workshop.

The Blue Cross animal charity is holding the informative sessions in addition to the guidance it provides on its website for families and all those who own dogs.

Most dog owners naturally think their pets are harmless, but they can react differently in certain situations - such as when in pain or around food - according to Blue Cross education officer Kerry Taylor.

Dogs should never be left alone with children and should not interfere with them when they are eating or sleeping. People should also study the body language displayed by their dog so they know when they are angry or stressed. Pet Insurance policies usually include third party liability cover depending on the breed of dog involved.

Claire Ford-Terry knows full well the importance of understanding how dogs behave. The family dog Blue bit her in the face when she was just 18 months old. She says although Blue was not usually aggressive, he snapped that day.

Knowing the signs when dogs aren't happy could help parents keep their children safe, she says.

To book a place on the workshop, call 0300 111 8950 or go send an e-mail to

Online advice is available at

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