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New dog run donated to Manchester Dogs' Home

Thursday March 9th 2017

A pet security firm has donated an innovative new dog run costing £8,000 to Manchester Dogs' Home, following its fatal fire two years ago.

ProtectaPet specialises in dog and cat containment and has gifted its bespoke product to the northern animal shelter, which will enable dogs to exercise off their lead.

An arson attack in September 2014 blazed through the rescue centre and killed around 60 animals, with more than one hundred having to be rescued.

The charity has since been trying to rebuild and rennovate the centre and Steve Mapley, manager of Manchester Dogs' Home, says the donation will benefit thousands of dogs.

He said: "The exercise and stimulation of being able to run around outside is what keeps our dogs in good health, in good spirits and re-home-able, so this is essential for us."

Dr Eve Davies, ProtectaPet's communications director, says Manchester Dogs' Home is the ideal location for the new design.

"Many of the dogs awaiting adoption cannot be walked off the lead and so this new dog run offers the optimum chance of being able to stretch their legs outside of their pen," she added.

Dr Davies' husband Simon Davies is the lead product designer at the firm. He says the idea for providing secure fencing for pets came after losing his beloved pet.

"After losing our cat Lola in a road traffic accident, I decided to develop a system to allow our cats to experience the outdoors without many of the risks associated with it," he said.

"I installed a fencing system at home and quickly realised that there were plenty of additional benefits to using a cat boundary around the periphery of the garden."

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers Pet Insurance.

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