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New York's JFK Airport set to get unique animal terminal

Tuesday January 20th 2015

A purpose-built animal airport terminal will help furry and feathered travellers relax before a journey, putting them in the perfect mood to fly.

The terminal, called The Ark, is being built at JFK Airport in New York City, US, and features services such as a kennel, quarantine, import, export and transportation for large and small animals.

The £32 million project, which is expected to open in early 2016, is the first of its kind and its construction will create about 110 jobs.

It is thought that if the 30-year lease period is approved, the new terminal could produce about £70 million in revenue.

The 178,000 square foot development will feature a Paradise 4 Paws kennels and an aviary while veterinarians will be on hand to treat animals that are unwell.

The animals will be transported to and from planes in dedicated climate controlled vehicles and also have other special areas dotted around the airport.

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