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New Year's Eve firework warning for pet owners

Thursday December 31st 2015

Pet owners are being reminded to keep their animals safe this New Year's Eve as many revellers will be setting off fireworks to welcome in 2016.

Animal centres are called out every year around this time to collect dogs and cats that have either escaped or run off due to being frightened by loud bangs.

Guernsey-based charity the GSPCA is encouraging owners to microchip their pets so they can be traced if they go missing.

Less than 45% of the stray dogs and cats the shelter finds and collects are microchipped, while even fewer have collars with tags.

The GSPCA has issued some other advice to pet owners for keeping their animals safe tonight, including walking their dog during the day, keeping their cat or dog inside as soon as it gets dark and ensuring all windows and doors are locked, including dog and cat flaps.

Anyone having a private firework display should notify their neighbours if they have pets, and people going out should draw their curtains, put the TV or radio on and provide their pets with a safe hiding place so they feel secure.

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