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Neglected Staffie tied to a gate

Friday February 5th 2016

A dog has been found left wasting away tethered to a gate in Greater Manchester. RSPCA officials told of Jazz's "rough life" after finding her in a terrible state in Middleton.

It was only the action of a passing dog walker that saved the Staffordshire bull terrier-type pooch from an even worse fate. Jazz has not only wasted away in the cold, she is also suffering from pressure sores, overgrown nails and flaky skin. RSPCA staff found her in a smelly and dirty condition.

Nichola Waterworth, an inspector for the RSPCA, says that Jazz has proved a sweet pooch, although understandably a tad anxious. Vets are currently treating the dog, who Ms Waterworth says has suffered rough times.

Now the RSPCA wants to solve the mystery of who Jazz belongs to. With no ID tag, the dog's name was ascertained through her microchip.

It appears that she has had three or more homes, including a pet welfare charity. If anyone knows anything about her recent past they are urged to ring the RSPCA on 0300 1238018.

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