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NHS trust 'may lose 1,000 jobs'

Monday February 28th 2011

An NHS health trust could see up to 1,000 jobs lost as pressure to save money increases, its chief executive has warned.

The Pennine Acute Trust admits it may have to lose 10% of its staff to help make an estimated £45 million in cost savings during 2011/12.

The trust serves around 800,000 people, and is responsible for North Manchester General Hospital, the Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Rochdale Infirmary and Birch Hill.

Chief executive John Saxby warned that the trust faced an "unprecedented" financial challenge but hoped that it could avoid making compulsory redundancies.

He said: "Even for a large organisation like this, with an operating budget of over half a billion pounds, this level of savings cannot be achieved by cutting out waste or reducing our non-pay expenditure alone.

"I believe it is right for the trust to consider all options in its efforts to reduce costs and work more efficiently so we can provide safe, high-quality, reliable and sustainable services through this economic downturn and beyond.

"Around 70% of our expenditure is on staffing costs.

"We are, therefore, informing our trade unions of our need to reduce posts across the trust by a significant number during 2011/12 and we are also affirming our commitment to work through the impact of that with them.

"The reduction could mean that the trust has to lose up to as many as 1,000 posts from its total staffing complement of approximately 10,000."

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