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Musician's Twitter appeal to rescue abandoned cat

Tuesday July 14th 2015

A rock musician has made a heartfelt Twitter appeal for an abandoned cat in New Zealand to be rescued and rehomed.

Ryan Adams, known for hits including New York, New York and fresh from an appearance at the Glastonbury music festival, found the black and white kitten while walking thorough a cemetery in Auckland on Monday.

The singer, who is currently in New Zealand on the latest leg of his world tour, gave the cat food and water before trying to arrange a rescue via Twitter.

He posted: "They will need a carrier - she's hungry and could easily go in one - but although you can pet her she won't let you carry her out."

Aucklander Rob Isaac took up the musician's challenge, managing to track down the lost cat before it was scared off by possums.

Adams posted that he regretted that he could not do more to help the animal. While he will soon be travelling to Australia, he has pledged to donate to any shelter that finds the cat her forever home.

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