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Musician composes album for cats

Wednesday September 14th 2016

A scientist and musician has created an album of music, which he says is purrfect for cats.

David Teie, a cellist with the US National Symphony Orchestra, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through crowdfunding to produce the album and has sold 10,000 copies of his record independently.

He has now been offered a record deal with Universal Music and his album Music For Cats will be released on 28 October.

Mr Teie said cats that are "feral" respond to his music the most.

"Very excitable cats are completely calmed and formerly abused or feral cats tend to respond best," he said.

The music is played at shelters, where Mr Teie says it helps feral cats to interact with humans.

He added that the music was created based on his scientific theory that cats appreciate music through the sounds they hear as kittens, such as their mother's purr or birds chirping.

Mr Teie told the Press Association: "Not all cats respond - one will go right over to the speaker and one will just walk out of the room.

"Some cats seem to find the music relaxing - others aren't fussed.

"I like the idea that critical taste applies to cats too.

"But I've seen videos where cats nuzzle up to the speaker or even curl completely around it."

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