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Mum reunited with her box of kittens

Thursday October 29th 2015

A quartet of kittens left abandoned on a vet's doorstep have been reunited with their mother.

Mill Hill Clinic in New Zealand assumed the boxed-up fluffy bundles were orphans. But the appearance of an adult female the following day proved that the three-to-four-week-old kittens were not alone.

The clinic posted on Facebook that Nicole, one of its veterinary nurses, took the baby cats home overnight. When staff returned the following morning they saw a tabby attempting to get in through the vet's entrance each time a new client came in.

The adult cat joyfully returned to her litter when staff had a look at her and found she was the kittens' feeding mother. Staff believe that the mum may have escaped from the box prior to them arriving for duty.

They think she had been on the prowl through the night searching for her kittens. A relative of one of the Mill Hill employees has taken in the feline family of five.

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