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Mr Moo undergoes pioneering surgery

Wednesday September 2nd 2015

A puppy has undergone a life-changing operation in the US to fix his cleft palate after surgeons drew on techniques used in human surgery.

When vet Dr Bryden Stanley first saw nine-month-old Mr Moo she was unsure she would be able to treat him.

The head of surgery for small animals at the Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine thought operating on the mixed-breed dog would be too difficult as he had no soft palate.

But she decided to get a second opinion from Dr John Girotto, a paediatric plastic surgeon at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dr Girotto, who specialises in treating cleft palates in children, came up with a solution for Mr Moo. In dogs, a cleft palate can make it difficult for them to eat and can lead to infections.

The medics joined forces to pioneer a new type of surgery that involves both human and veterinary medicine working together, CBS News reported. The ground-breaking surgery was carried out in May and Mr Moo has since made a good recovery.

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