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Mouth-to-mouth saves house fire dog

Wednesday March 23rd 2011

A mongrel called Sunny has had one of the most unusual escapes ever experienced by a dog after a firefighter used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save her after a house fire.

Mick Dunn was handed Sunny after she was recovered from the blaze in Hull and despite never hearing of the life-saving method being used on an animal, he decided to give it a try.

Mr Dunn said: "When I saw the dog, I thought at first that it had perished in the fire. She didn't appear to be breathing."

He saw signs of life after a few minutes of carrying out the technique and then started to use an oxygen mask, which was present in case it was needed to be used on human casualties.

Sunny, however, made a full recovery after 30 minutes of oxygen therapy and a thorough examination by a vet, the costs associated with which underline the importance of adequate Pet Insurance cover regardless of a miracle escape.

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