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Motorway rescue dog finds loving family

Wednesday July 9th 2014

A loving home has been found for an abandoned dog that was rescued from a motorway by a passing motorist.

The Staffie-Jack Russell cross named Hattie was taken to the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre after the driver saw her tethered to a fence by the side of the M62 in East Yorkshire in December 2013.

Two-year-old Hattie was later transferred from Jerry Green's Gilberdyke centre to its one in Nottinghamshire and is now happily settling in with the Parish family after being found a home through the charity's Meet & Match scheme.

Greg Stevenson, deputy manager at the charity's Gilberdyke centre, says Hattie had gone through an awful ordeal before being rescued by the motorist.

Hattie's new owner, Tony Parish, of Ollerton near Nottingham, describes Hattie as a caring and affectionate dog who the family fell in love with her as soon as they were introduced.

He says his nine-year-old son and their new pet are getting on like a house on fire and Hattie is settling happily into her new home.

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