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Motorway ordeal for runaway cat

Friday July 9th 2010

A national animal rescue charity has revealed a cat that fled from a car on the M1 motorway three months ago has survived his terrifying ordeal.

pet insurance Animal owners may want to think about the value of taking out a policy following the revelation of Alfie's encounters since he ran away in April.

The RSPCA said Alfie had fended for himself since escaping three months ago from his owners car.

British couple Sylvia and Jon Callister were returning to Spain, where they live, following a trip to the UK in April.

When they stopped at the southbound services at Toddington, Bedfordshire, Alfie escaped and fled across the M1.

He could not be found but finally, last week, a worker at the northbound services spotted him.

RSPCA staff caught him, while his microchip and pet passport helped them get in touch with his owners in Spain.

Alfie was put into quarantine at the Bayton Lodge International Quarantine Kennels and Cattery, Warwickshire, and will be taken back to Spain.

"We obviously thought all was lost when Alfie ran away and we did all we could to find him, but to no avail," Mr Callister said.

"I just couldn't believe it when we got the phone call from the RSPCA to say that he was safe and well after all this time."

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