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Motorway dog reunited with owner

Friday November 27th 2015

A dog is back at home with its owner after it was found wandering a stretch of motorway in Lancashire.

Highways England traffic officers rescued the border collie from the westbound carriageway of the M58 near Ormskirk on November 12.

Rob Lawless and James Critchley managed to get the dog into their four-wheel-drive traffic officer vehicle. But with no sign of the owner, the pooch was taken to a nearby rescue centre to be scanned for a microchip.

It turned out the chip was an old one, so the centre was unable to contact the owner. Highways England had to issue an appeal for the owner to get in touch so they could be re-united with the collie.

Thankfully the lady owner, who lives near the motorway, caught wind of the appeal and collected her dog the very next day.

While she did not want to be identified, she was said to be "thrilled" to have him back. His microchip has since been updated.

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