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Most women prefer pets to partners

Thursday March 24th 2016

Most women reckon pets make better bedfellows than their partners, a new survey shows.

The results show that 54% of female dog or cat owners think their furry friends are more snuggly than their significant other. This proportion drops to just 38% of males who place pets over their partner when it comes to night-time cuddles.

The poll also finds that people spend an average £100 more each year on presents for their pets than they do their partners. This works at a typical £300 per annum, compared to the £200 they splash out on their spouse, reveals.

A tenth of respondents claim to privately love their partner less than they do their dog or cat. The typical average treat and toy bill comes to £400, the survey also finds.

Five pet owners admit to spending over £10,000 every year on their animals. The gaming site questioned 500 men and 500 women for its survey.

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