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'Most women prefer cuddling their pets'

Monday February 29th 2016

When it comes to cuddles in bed millions of women would rather snuggle up with their pet dog or cat instead of their partner, a new study suggests.

More than half (54%) the women surveyed say they'd rather cuddle their pet than their partner. And one in 10 admit they actually love their pet more than their partner.

But among the men questioned for the survey, only one in three (38%) would rather cuddle their pet than their partner, with 10% also admitting they secretly love their animals more.

One cat owner - 36-year-old Christine Richards, of Pinner in London - says when it comes to bedtime snuggles, pet Milo wins "hands down" against husband Brian. Milo, she says, doesn't burp or snore and just goes to sleep.

The survey also shows that most people really do love their pets with the typical owner forking out around £400 each year on treats and toys - £100 more than they spend on gifts for their partners.

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