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Most people on the planet own a pet

Wednesday May 25th 2016

The majority of the world's population owns a pet, a new study suggests.

A third own dogs, 23% keep cats, 12% look after fish and 6% have birds for company, research from GfK finds.

The market research organisation says this compares with UK pet ownership figures for dogs and cats (both 27%), fish (9%) and birds (4%). Overall, 56% of the world's population own a pet.

The study surveyed more than 27,000 adults in 22 countries. No nations seem to be bigger pet lovers than Mexico and Argentina, where four out of five households contain domestic animals. This helps South America own the largest percentage of pets, with three in four Brazilians also animal keepers.

Asian families seem to be the least keen on pet companionship with under one in three (31%) owning animals. Argentinians favour dogs more than any other nationality with two in three keeping them.

Russians are the biggest cat lovers with 57% living with them. Chinese and Turkish people are the biggest lovers of pet fish and birds respectively.

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