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More people adopting Staffies

Monday May 5th 2014

The number of people adopting Staffordshire bull terriers from RSPCA centres has risen by nearly 50%, the charity says.

It saw a 48% rise in adoptions of bull breed dogs including Staffies in the first three months of 2014 compared with the same period last year.

The RSPCA welcomed the rise, saying Staffies make "wonderful pets".

Some 134 Staffies and eight other bull breed dogs were rehomed at the charity's 17 centres between January and March this year.

The charity had 180 Staffies in its care during that period, with the second most common breed being the American bulldog.

Anna White, manager of the RSPCA's Southridge centre, said Staffies make wonderful pets because they are so adaptable and fit into almost every environment.

She praised Staffies' "enormous sense of fun, loyalty and dedication".

"Their mouths laugh, their eyes laugh and their hearts are full of love for you as their owner," she said.

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