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More jobs go at Life & Style Retail

Monday July 25th 2011

A number of people may be having to rely on their Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, after 181 fashion chain workers were made redundant following the closure of 12 stores.

According to a spokesperson at Usdaw, the shopworkers' union, since entering administration last month, a total of 440 staff at Life & Style Retail have been made unemployed by the firm.

At once time, the company operated 91 stores in the UK, although the spokesperson added that 34 of these have now closed.

Stores in Fort William, Great Yarmouth, Leven and Reading are among the latest to shut their doors, Usdaw indicated.

The union's national officer, John Gorle, said: "We will be in contact with all members made redundant this week to offer them our advice, support and representation through this very difficult time and again will be taking all necessary legal steps to protect their interests."

At least one party is still said to be discussing the possibility of buying the rest of the Life & Style Retail business.

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