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More Brits taking pets on holidays

Tuesday March 15th 2016

More and more Britons cannot bear to leave their cats and dogs at home when they travel abroad, a new study suggests. The amount of people bringing their pets in tow to Spain or France via Brittany Ferries has jumped by 78% from 2008 to this year.

The figure now stands at 67,462 - a rise from 37,766 eight years ago and 17% up from 57,670 in the space of the past year. The ferry operator says that its pet-friendly berths on journeys from Portsmouth to Santander, Bilbao and Le Havre are always snapped up first.

A relaxation in laws governing pet tourists has helped to fuel the increase. Four years earlier UK holidaymakers had to vaccinate their pets against rabies half a year before embarking.

They also had to get their animal's blood tested to ensure that the vaccines were successful. Now the vaccination deadline has dropped to 21 days while blood tests have been totally scrapped. But all cats and dogs still have to get chipped.

Brittany Ferries has expanded its on-ship kennels to over 100. In addition to these 114 kennels, holidaymakers can take their pet in their vehicle or keep them in their pet-friendly cabin.

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