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Money-worry couples sleeping apart

Tuesday May 14th 2013

Money worries are driving more and more couples to sleep in separate beds, new research suggests.

A poll of 2,000 people by Slumberdown showed 49% are inclined to bed down solo because worries over finances, work and family are likely to keep them tossing and turning at night.

A partner's snoring (30%) also has people creeping off to a bed of their own.

The research suggests the majority of people enjoy their best night's sleep on a Friday (22%) and Saturday (20%), when they are not in work the next day.

Couples may be keen to ensure that they both get the best night's sleep by sleeping separately, to avoid having to deal with a grouchy partner the following day, as 41% said a bad night's sleep leaves them feeling grumpy.

However, thankfully 59% said they could not bear a grudge for too long and could not go to bed without resolving a row.

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