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Money woes stressing Brits out

Monday May 20th 2013

Almost a third of Britons are more stressed about money than anything else in their daily lives, a new survey shows. has taken the findings of its research on board and teamed up with the mental health charity Mind to highlight the association between finances and mental health problems.

Almost one in five Brits polled stated their current financial situation causes them the most stress, while it was what the future held financially that concerned 13% of adults.

A further 13% were most concerned about their health, which will not be helped by financial worries. Just fewer than three-quarters of those surveyed expected their financial concerns to deepen in 2013, with inflated prices the main reason for over half of people.

One in 10 said the doubt over their benefits will do nothing to ease their money worries. editor-in-chief Clare Francis said: "While we have recently narrowly avoided a triple-dip recession, the impact of the last five years has hit people's finances hard, and so it is not surprising that it is such a cause of anxiety and stress."

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