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Moggy midwife named Cat of the Year

Wednesday August 11th 2010

A "moggy midwife" has been named Rescue Cat of the Year 2010 after helping his pregnant owner when she went into labour.

The awards, organised by the charity Cats Protection, awarded Marmite for staying by Lindsey Davies's side when she started having contractions while on her own at home.

The loyal feline stayed at the 21-year-old's side for two hours last October until her husband Huw, 25, arrived home. The cat helped keep pregnant Lindsey calm as her contractions became more painful.

As Marmite has proved to be an invaluable addition to the family, his owners would be wise to think about protecting their feline friend with pet insurance.

One-year-old Marmite was honoured at a star-studded ceremony at the New London Theatre in the West End. Actress Lesley Joseph, comedian Iain Lee, TV vet Emma Milne and children's TV presenter Sarah-Jane Honeywell were all at the event.

Other cats who were recognised at the ceremony included Bobby, who helps his disabled owner recover from trance-like states, Purrdy, a rescue cat who survived abuse from a breeder and former stray Oscar, who has transformed the lives of elderly people at a care home.

The feline birth partner was also vital to Ms Davies as she was suffering from pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy, with Marmite keeping her company while she was housebound.

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