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Modifying cars 'will lower value'

Tuesday June 29th 2010

Car owners have been warned that DIY modifications can have a negative impact on the vehicle's resale value.

car value protectorAnd those that provide deals will be interested to know that adding the wrong type of alloy wheels, introducing tinted windows, and lowering suspension can all contribute to making the resale value of the car tumble by as much as £500.

British Car Auctions said that while retro-fittings may be appealing to boy racers, the average buyer is not interested.

And it urged people to install items which will have universal appeal, such as a decent entertainment system.

Tim Naylor, PR Manager of BCA, said: "When it comes to customising vehicles, BCA's used-car experts believe that less is definitely more for those who want to maintain the resale value of their vehicle.

"The majority of motorists are wary of any upgrades that are retro-fitted, particularly on younger cars, where there are concerns that this might void any warranties. And by modifying a standard car you are actually reducing your potential audience of buyers."

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