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MoT garages 'miss dangerous faults'

Tuesday August 30th 2011

MoT testing centres are missing potentially dangerous faults, according to a survey by What Car? magazine.

Four out of the six garages visited by magazine "shoppers" failed to spot a chipped windscreen or a broken clip on a brake pipe and one, in south-west London, also missed a problem with the car's track rod end ball joint.

The "mystery shopper" expedition members revealed the "alarming disparities" in their visit to the garages over five days, presenting the centres with a six-year-old Vauxhall Corsa already rated as an MoT failure.

Editor-in-chief of What Car? Chas Hallet said the magazine believes the Government should drop plans for biannual MoT tests and concentrate on tightening up the present system for the sake of safety.

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) which runs the MoT system, said a number of the findings caused VOSA concern, which the body would address with the garages concerned.

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