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MoD to cut 8,000 civilian jobs

Wednesday June 8th 2011

Union leaders have warned that around 8,000 civilian jobs are due to be cut from the Ministry of Defence this year.

According to Prospect, in 2011/12 the ministry is due to let thousands of civilian workers go on early release.

The move was branded as "incomprehensible" by national officer Steve Jary.

He said: "A few weeks ago the MoD ruled out any increase on the 4,000 figure this year, saying it would be too risky to let more staff go in the current operational climate."

He added that the ministry had now doubled the number of job losses after being "seized with panic" and that the MoD had not spoken to the Treasury regarding redundancy costs.

He continued: "This is indicative of a department that has lost its ability to cope with the financial pressures it is facing. It is short-termism gone mad.

"The armed forces need the skills of our members as much today as yesterday. There is absolutely no justification for rushing through these damaging cuts other than to meet the Treasury's budget targets."

Prospect said the MoD originally planned to lose 4,000 civilian posts in 2011/12, 8,000 in 2012/13 and 3,500 in 2013/14, adding that another 5,000 posts would be lost by privatisation.

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