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Missing moggy takes the train home

Friday September 25th 2015

Mystery surrounds a missing moggy who appears to have taken the train home.

Charlie was spotted at Accrington railway station in Lancashire a fortnight after being reported lost. He has since been returned to his family after being seen getting off a train.

What happened to Charlie in the intervening period is baffling cat re-homing experts. But it is thought that the cat must have got on board seven stops earlier at Colne at the start of the train line.

This is because this is the only station where the train doors are kept open. A friend contacted Accrington-based East Lancashire Cats stray feline support service organiser Andy Richards to tell him Charlie had been seen getting off a train.

A Facebook appeal revealed that the cat in question was Charlie and from there he could be taken back to his family. Richards says it appears as if Charlie has been on a holiday adventure for a fortnight.

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