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Missing moggies spark village mystery

Tuesday September 23rd 2014

A small Lincolnshire village appears to be at the centre of a mystery that has seen scores of cats go missing across the county.

According to the UK's missing pets register nearly 400 cats are currently reported as missing in Lincolnshire with four having vanished in Potterhanworth over the last month alone.

While owners have put up posters in a bid to be reunited with their pets the spate of disappearances has raised fears that foul play may be involved.

The RSPCA's animal welfare office manager for Lincoln, Charlotte Childs, says four cats are being reported as missing every day in mid-Lincolnshire alone.

She says the fear is that the cats which have vanished in Potterhanworth -- which has a human population of under 700 -- may have been harmed or poisoned.

Villager Julie Bambridge has had two of her cats disappear over the last few weeks and says she is beginning to wonder whether foul play could be to blame.

People are urged to get their pets microchipped so that if they are found after going missing they can be easily reunited with their owners.

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