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Missing dog found in US national park

Tuesday September 8th 2015

A dog that went missing at a famous national park in America has been found - six weeks after she first disappeared.

Jade, then aged 16 months, survived in Yellowstone park, Wyoming, despite being left to her fend for herself with wolves and bears for company. The Australian shepherd bolted towards the woods after owner David Sowers, of Denver, Colorado, suffered a road accident with his partner Laura Gillice on July 23.

The pair mounted a campaign to find the dog once they had recovered from their injuries. But it was not until Friday September 4 that they finally found Jade in the park, where she had lost a lot of weight.

The campaign to find Jade included internet requests and even traps with dog food for bait. Reports started to trickle in that Jade had been seen in the park. Ms Gillice, who finally spotted the dog, described the find as "a miracle", it was reported.

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