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Missing dog found after four years

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

The importance of having your pets microchipped has been further underlined by the heart-warming tale of Snowy; a dog her owner thought she had lost forever.

Parson Russell Terrier Snowy disappeared from the garden of 50-year-old Helen Smith's home in the small Hampshire town of Hook in October 2010. It was thought that the dog was stolen.

Now Snowy is back playing in the same garden after she was spotted walking along a dual carriageway 40 miles away in Portsmouth.

Miss Smith did all she could to find Snowy but finally admitted to herself that she would not see him again. The 50-year-old was in floods of tears last month when she heard her dog had been recovered.

In all probability Miss Smith would never have got her dog back had it not been for the fact that she made sure Snowy was fitted with a microchip.

Snowy was scanned for a chip at Portsmouth City Dog Kennel and her address was on the Petlog database.

Pet Insurance provides cover for owners who lose their beloved pets and this can include money for advertising and rewards for their safe return.

Snowy was due to have a cataract operation before she disappeared and Miss Smith was not sure her dog would recognise her, but Snowy was very excited to be home and certainly had not forgotten her owner.

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