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Missing cat found stuck in chimney

Friday January 23rd 2015

A cat that went missing for six weeks after escaping from an outdoor pet kennel has been found stuck in the chimney of her owners' house.

Patrick and Marion Wood, of Wareham, Dorset, left Chloe in the kennel they built for her at the back of their house before they went to Vietnam on holiday in December.

They asked a neighbour to feed her but Chloe disappeared while they were away.

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When the couple got home 75-year-old Marion heard the cat in the chimney behind a blocked-up fireplace.

They opened it up and discovered a "half-dead" Chloe. She had lost around a half of her body weight, as she hadn't had any food or water for six weeks.

The couple took Chloe to see a vet, who said her chances of survival were 50-50, but she is now expected to make a full recovery.

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