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Missing cat found after 11 years

Friday November 21st 2014

A man who thought he would never see his lost cat again has been reunited with his pet after 11 years thanks to a microchip.

Owner David Allinson sent out thousands of leaflets and placed appeals for his animal in the local newspaper when Percy disappeared in June 2003.

But the short-haired moggy had been taken in by an elderly woman who lived just 15 miles away from David's home in Henlow, Bedfordshire.

And when his new owner passed away, Percy was then given to her neighbour Ruth Hart.

In an amazing coincidence, Ruth turned out to be a colleague of David, which was only revealed when Ruth had Percy, now 15, scanned for a microchip.

But happy though he is to find Percy again, David decided to leave his old pet with Ruth, visiting him every month and receiving regular pictures of him.

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