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Missing cat found 80 miles from her home

Tuesday November 10th 2015

A missing cat has been found severely injured with a metal can fastened to her head - 80 miles from her home.

Lily had been missing for a fortnight when owner Hayley Regan's mother got a call from Hall Court vets in Sheffield.

The 18-month-old moggy had been discovered in a village close to the vets in an awful state, according to the Liverpool Echo.

One of her legs was broken, infected and had to be amputated. Two claws were also missing and Lily's left paw needed stitches. Vets also had to remove the can from her head.

Mother-of-one Hayley, 32, who lives in the Merseyside town of Bootle, says she is "heartbroken" by Lily's "sad" and "unbelievable" injuries.

She says her partner caught the train to Sheffield to go and fetch Lily and is "delighted" that the cat has been found. Hayley thanked the vets for saving her cat's life.

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