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Missing cat found 200 miles away

Tuesday July 15th 2014

A ginger tomcat has been reunited with his owner after being 200 miles and over 18 months apart thanks to it being microchipped.

People who own cats, dogs or other pets are advised to have microchips fitted in their animals and 33-year-old Julia Jauncey is glad she did after her cat Bob went missing from her home in Crawcrook near Gateshead before Christmas in 2012.

A vet in Leicester was astonished to find out from the cat's microchip that he was from the Newcastle area and insurance broker Julia was equally as surprised when she was informed of Bob's whereabouts.

Bob is quite famous in the village and he even had his own seat in a local hair salon. Many people had bought him Christmas presents before he disappeared, so it was fitting that they held a welcome home party for him last week.

Apparently a family visiting Gateshead saw collarless Bob and thought he was a stray so they took him home to Leicester with them. They thought he was female and called him Galia.

Bob was then passed over to a business owner at the beginning of last year and was known as Cromitte, before the vet discovered his true origin and contacted Julia to arrange for her to collect him.

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