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Missing Freddie is back with a bang

Tuesday December 29th 2015

A firework-hating fido has been part of an emotional Christmas reunion with his four-year-old owner. The miraculous reunion comes two months after loud bangs forced Freddie to run away from home.

Freddie disappeared from William Falango's Somerset family home following the commotion over the Bonfire Night season.

But a social media campaign led to the terrier being spotted 70 miles (112km) away in the Hampshire seaside town of Bournemouth.

Little William celebrated their reunion with a massive cuddle after a vet microchip scan confirmed the pooch was indeed Freddie. The vets then gave Freddie back to the family.

Jane Patterson explained that grandson William believed Freddie had gone away on a marathon walk. William told her that Freddie must be extremely tired after all his exertions.

Ms Patterson says how Freddie managed to stay in such good shape after his 70-mile trek remains a mystery. She says the festive reunion was a Christmas story with a happy ending.

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