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'Mischievous' giant rabbit needs home

Tuesday February 9th 2016

A continental giant rabbit is looking for a new home after his owner said he could no longer care of him.

Atlas is already the size of a Westie, the popular dog breed, but at seven months old he still has more growing to do.

Anna O'Donnell, manager at the Scottish SPCA centre in Cardonald, describes him as a friendly pet with a "mischievous" character.

"We are looking for a specific home for Atlas due to his breed and size," she said. "A standard rabbit hutch won't do so his new owner will need plenty of space for him. Atlas needs an owner with the knowledge to properly care for him, so ideally someone who has kept a continental giant before."

Employees at the charity in Glasgow are extremely fond of Atlas, who loves being the centre of attention and getting cuddles. His inquisitive nature also provides plenty of laughs.

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