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'Miracle dog' named pet survivor of the year by charity

Tuesday December 20th 2016

A "miracle" dog who fell 60ft fall down a dam has won a top survivor award.

Two-year-old cocker spaniel Darcy has been crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year in an annual competition run by the veterinary charity.

Darcy was on a walk with her owners Gordon and Wendy Lyon at Glascarnoch Dam in the Highlands in July when she plunged down a concrete slipway.

The fall left her with multiple life-threatening injuries including a ruptured spleen, damaged liver, fractured pelvis, a dislocated leg and an open fracture to her back leg and hip joint.

After emergency surgery by a local vet in Conon Bridge to save her life, the spaniel had to have three more operations at Parkside Vets in Dundee and needed months of further treatment and rehab.

Six months after the accident, vets are now describing her recovery as "miraculous".

Mr Lyon, from Kellas near Dundee, says the family are "beyond delighted" about the award after such a "traumatic experience".

Mrs Lyon added: "Darcy's vets were extraordinary, they really went above and beyond for her.

"The treatment has cost thousands of pounds, thankfully her insurance has covered a lot of that although we have still had to pay for some parts of her rehab.

"The costs do mount up, but when we see her happy and running again it's totally worth it.

"We're blown away that she's now won PDSA Pet Survivor - it's a wonderful end to what has been a very difficult year."

Hal Drummond, who conducted Darcy's surgery at Conon Bridge, said: "When we first saw Darcy after her accident I was uncertain she would survive, and even then it wasn't guaranteed that she would ever walk again.

"To see her running around now is nothing short of miraculous.

"She is an incredibly brave, sweet-natured dog, and everyone who has helped in Darcy's recovery is delighted that she's won PDSA Pet Survivor."

Entries for the annual award were received from across the UK, and also included a jack russell who suffered burns after pulling a boiling casserole on to himself and a cat who dragged himself home with an illegal animal trap clamped to his leg.

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