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Mexican airline launches appeal campaign after losing dog

Wednesday November 30th 2016

A Mexican airline has launched a campaign dubbed #BuscandoaMika (Looking for Mika) after an eight-year-old mixed-breed female dog escaped her cage and got lost at Mexico City's airport.

Low-cost airline Interjet has posted photos of the search effort and flyers with a picture of the dog with a pink neckerchief around her neck. The flyer offers a 5,000-peso (£195) reward.

The dog's owner Pamela Alvarez, who lives in Houston, is appealing for help to find the pup on social media sites saying the airline didn't inform her that the dog escaped when the cage fell. She said that she and her husband returned to Mexico City to hunt for the dog.

Interjet has said in statement that it understands pets are important to their owners. "Up to now we haven't been able to find Mika, but we will continue to search with all means at our disposal," it said.

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