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Men 'face paternity leave battle'

Tuesday July 30th 2013

Fathers are struggling to afford paternity leave in the face of squeezed household incomes, a new report suggests.

Some 202,000 men have taken statutory paternity leave in the last 12 months - a rise of just 1% compared with the previous year.

EMW, the law firm which carried out the research, warned that the pressure on household finances means more men are unwilling to give up their salary for £136 a week paternity pay.

Men are entitled to two weeks of leave when their child is born. But EMW said many households are unable to afford more leave, while most small firms would not be able to afford the cost being passed on to them.

Jon Taylor from EMW said: "Household incomes are under a lot of pressure at the moment. Unless the economy improves or the paternity pay increases, we may not see a further substantial rise in the number of men taking paternity pay."

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