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Matt Baker mourns TV star dog Meg

Tuesday June 21st 2011

A dog who has made appearances on Strictly Come Dancing, Blue Peter and Countryfile has died.

Meg belonged to Matt Baker and went with him on a host of TV adventures, even following him through the glitter and sequins of the dancing show.

The One Show presenter grew up on a farm and wanted to keep a bit of that life, with animals by his side on BBC1's Blue Peter. Meg joined in February 2001 at the tender age of nine weeks and was a canine star of the children's show with Baker for five years.

Viewers also saw her getting along well with six other presenters during her stint. The eighth Blue Peter dog had furry friends on the show too - fellow dogs Mabel and Lucy were also making regular appearances on air during her time.

The border collie even had a role on high-class Radio 4 serial The Archers during her showbiz career. The Blue Peter assignment saw one of Meg's barks going out on air, while she also got to try out as a police sniffer dog and take part in sheepdog trials.

After Baker left Blue Peter, Meg went with him on later shows such as Countryfile and Crufts coverage until her death aged 11.

Blue Peter has had to deal with a lot of pet bereavements recently, Meg is the fourth to die this year. A cat, Oke, who had been on the show for 13 years has also recently died.

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