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Matchday takes toll on fans' health

Thursday October 10th 2013

The traditional matchday diet of many football fans may be having a dangerous effect on their health, according to a cancer charity.

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) says that over time, a day spent eating pies and drinking lager each week may take its toll.

Scientists from the charity rated the nutritional value of foods which are popular around the UK's sporting venues.

For example a steak pie contains 534 calories, 29.7g of fat and 2.3g of salt, meaning sports fans would have to to run for 47 minutes to burn it off, walk for over two hours or do gardening for an hour-and-a-half.

A hot dog would also take some burning off, containing 229 calories and 7.4g of fat. That would mean sports fans would have to run for 20 minutes or walk for almost an hour to get rid of the calories.

A pint of lager, another sports ground staple, contains 173 calories so would take 15 minutes' running or a 42-minute walk to burn off.

Kate Mendoza, head of health information at the WCRF, said: "For many sports fans an afternoon's football or rugby isn't complete without a drink and a pie or burger and we wouldn't want to spoil anyone's enjoyment.

"Instead we're highlighting the small changes to make half-time snacks a little healthier - such as swapping a steak pie for a chicken pie."

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