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Mariah spends 28k pampering pets

Monday April 28th 2014

Pet lovers think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on their animals, but singer Mariah Carey forks out more than most people earn in a year on pampering her dogs.

Affording Pet Insurance is no problem for Mariah who is worth a cool £290 million, but she's more than happy to spend £28,000 a year on first-class travel and doggy treatments in top canine salons for her eight pooches.

According to a source close to the star, she pays a basic £40 for each of her dogs to have a trim, as well as other more expensive treatments like massages and wraps.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the source confirmed that she thinks nothing of paying for first-class air travel for her dogs when she is out and about, and if they can't go with her they stay at the exclusive Pour La Pooch, Barkingham Palace and Chateau Marmutt salons.

If the dogs have to travel by car she pays £400 a time for a special chauffeur to drive them and she always likes them to look their best so they are well groomed before they make any trips, the source revealed.

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